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More Musical "arists" that need to stop any and all music making

2009-02-20 23:05:09 by Idiosyncratic

Any and all Metalcore bands

Ok guys, we get it, you're manly. You can pick up guitars and bash out chords and melodies like there's no tomorrow, but when you're taking those chords/melodies from At the Gates, then we have a problem. Did you guys all go to the same conference where you all decided, "Hmm, we could be Cannibal Corpse, or At the Gates. Well AtG is Swedish, so it's settled."

Without fail metalcore bands sound, look, and act alike. There's the make-up, the same chugging riffs with the same scales thrown in, and the whole "look at us, we're cool" attitude about them. Every metalcore band is every metalcore band; there's no distinction really. From the screaming hxcx vocals to the hxcx singing, it's all alike.

God, I hate this.


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2009-02-21 19:37:41 O3QJA&feature=channel_page

Don't like Elysia? The lyrics are epic though.


2009-03-12 23:10:30



2009-04-05 18:28:53

Not to mention that fact that the majority of their fans are as overcompensating and original as the bands themselves. You know, the kind that hates any music that doesn't talk about excessive violence and testosterone, and anyone that likes that kind of music as well.


2009-04-09 04:00:30

Haha! Greatly explained. I prefer SOAD, they're (slightly (sarcasm)) more alternative.

Idiosyncratic responds:

SOAD isn't really metalcore though. They're more of a hard rock band (as stated by the band themselves).


2009-04-09 04:08:02

But my taste in music is very wide. Anything that isn't too cheesy (that rules out most rap and all RnB) and is rather rocky I'll like. And the lyrics mean a lot to me, if they sound dumb or badly written, it will effect the song. I also like to be able to think about the lyrics too (unlike a lot of people(mostly referring to the people who listen to this), I think. XD). These people aren't talented. They can maybe move there hands up and down long objects very fast (which is what I think they should be doing with their lives instead), hit drums with speed, or deepen their voice to a level which can only be heard by a dog. But what use would that be, when you're doing that you're not making music.


2009-04-23 23:54:25

Gotta love the slutty look the girls give off though.
Not relationship material but the tight clothes and angsty expressions would make for some good drunken romping... I'd imagine.

And just think if she's into being punched in the face!? WIN!

Shame, though, that you'll always be a little bit wary until you can confirm that it has a vagina.

Idiosyncratic responds:

Oh good one.

I remember one day when I confused a guy for a girl (wearing the same stuff you just described). Needless to say, it made for an awkward conversation.


2009-04-30 21:41:27

Since having long hair I've always wanted to be confused for a girl. I'd love it. Some guy saying 'hey baby' and me turning around to reveal my (poor) beard and such.

Though I'm quite bulky and manly, so there is little chance of that happening :(.

Idiosyncratic responds:

Lose a lot of weight and muscle, shave any other facial hair and make sure your hair smells like some fruit or odd scent like Summer Breeze or whatever.

Or you can just light a scented candle and rub the burning wax into your scalp.


2009-05-23 01:53:50

I understand the fact that there is too many very mainstream and commercial bands in the metalcore scene. But saying every single metalcore band is the same is false. And you couldn't be more wrong. Cause there are people like me, who likes diversity and creativity in arts. I really couldn't like any band of a genre that wouldn't be creative at all. Believe me, metalcore isn't all about this.

Check out a few bands like All That Remains, Threat Signal and The Human Abstract, they are my favorite bands of the genre. Maybe this will help you get a better opinion of a genre of music that I really like.

Idiosyncratic responds:

You don't understand, I've been forced to listen to these shit bands over and over again thanks to me being dragged to concerts. All that Remains is annoying, Threat Signal has an annoying vocalist and boring riffs and the Human Abstract tries to be technical but fall flat on their faces trying to do so.

Metalcore is the nadir of musical creativity.


2009-07-07 23:04:08



2009-08-16 03:35:51



2010-02-21 18:38:51

This is why there's something called killing people.


2010-05-01 11:07:16

i agree 100% only i hate rap and any music that involves using any voicels although some songs are good i don't like having to understand just the basics of a song from the start (i have struggled to understand punk)


2012-10-20 05:12:15

Still alive?